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Spanking positions

There are many ways of being spanked. Naturally, the most appropriate position to a large extent depends on the instrument being used but also on the girl's behaviour. A very naughty girl might not have deserved the intimacy of being placed over the knee, instead she might have to bend over, holding her ankles.

Over the gentleman's knee

The most intimate position. To be close to the gentleman during the motivational or punishment spanking  means a lot. Two alternatives: The gentleman sits on a chair with the girl placed over his knee with her hands and feet on the floor. The gent can also sit on the side of the bed or in a couch with the girl lying horizontally with her head and legs up. For Ehlane, the first alternative is more girlish and the second more comfortable.

Lying on the bed with pillows under the tummy

Ideal for the carpet beater or shoe horn but also for the cane. Perfect for a "good night spanking" or when the girl needs to feel small and extra cared for.

Bent over the gentleman's knee and hip whilst standing up

Cosy position when being on the go or when the girl simply needs to be reminded of what will happen if she does not behave herself.

Bent over the back of a chair/couch etc.

Suitable when using for instance birch rod, carpet beater or the cane. It becomes the most elegant if the girl stands on her toes, arching her back as much as possible. If the girl takes a punishment spanking well, she may be allowed to place her hand on her back for the gentleman to hold during the spanking. This feels safe and sweet when she is truly sorry. This however requires balance and precision from the gentleman. Bare in mind that the long implements normally used in this position may be hard to apply correctly.

Hanging over the gentleman's knee with his foot on a chair

A position that truly makes the girl feel small. Requires a great deal of balance from the gentleman and abdominal muscles from the girl.

Lying on the back, legs raised and stretched

Embarrassing position where the girl can look her into her gentleman's eyes during the spanking. Works well when spanking the back and inside of her thighs. The position is easier if the girl is allowed to hold the hollow of her knees.

Bent forward out on the floor holding one's ankles

The hardest position according to Ehlane. Has the girl deserved a very severe punishment spanking, this position may one the one hand be a firm display from the gentleman that he is very displeased and disappointed with his girl. On the other hand, the girl's balance and mental as well as physical difficulties to stand still must be taken into consideration. It grows particularly difficult when using a heavy cane which increases the risk of the girl causing herself additional punishment which also makes the spanking extremely severe. Alternatively, if the girl has a balance problem one can place her on all four on palms and knees whilst thrusting out her bottom as much as possible. Ehlane finds this position immensely embarrassing.

Which position being the most suitable is a question of judgement, depending on the known factors behaviour, balance and desired implement. Please be aware of the fact that spankings in general and punishment spankings in particular are not meant to break down - on the contrary they girl shall be built up and benefit from them.