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Instruments and implements

The most common instruments we use are listed below in a declining sequence, starting with the least severe.


When Ehlane herself is allowed to choose. A more intimate, cosy and girlish instrument is hard to find. Is always at hand, so to speak.

Wooden ruler

Used during cosy spankings and play involving naughty schoolgirls. Also stings a lot on the palms and fingers as reprimand.


The tawse hails from Scotland and is an at least two-tongued piece if leather that can sting both severely and sweetly in the bottom. Ehlane's first tawse was made by hand by Sir T from the belt she gave him for their first Christmas. That tawse was been made with a lot of effort and trouble but Ehlane already finds that it was worth it. Please note that the length of the tawse might differ. Its placement as number three in this list might be wrong if the tawse of your selection is longer than one foot.


To us, this is actually a perfect instrument for one woman to spank another with. Since Ehlane is usually not spanked by women, Sir T uses it on her bottom instead. Mostly for motivations and reprimands.

Wooden spoon

Nasty instrument with a significant sting. Sometimes, it is more difficult for Ehlane to lie still when spanked with the wooden spoon than when, for example, caned. It may be because the shame is not there helping her to endure the sting to the same extent. The wooden spoon is for motivation or reprimand.

Rubber scraper

The larger model with a heavy rubber surface. The first time Ehlane wept during a motivational spanking was when the rubber scraper was applied on the inside of her thighs. Quite tangible a motivation or reprimand.

Long shoehorn

It does not look that much in plastic but stings significantly in the posterior. Used for motivational spankings and reprimands.

Carpet beater

Feels very traditional and old fashioned. The best impact is acquired when Ehlane is placed on the bed with two pillows under her tummy. The carpet beater ranges all the way from warm and cosy to hellish flames when applied. It is mostly used for motivational spankings and reprimands.

Lighter cane

Not the same psychological impact as the heavy cane. Can also be used for play or as reprimand.

Green-twig birch

The classic instrument. A green-twig birch is about 40 to 45 cm. When making a birch it is generally important to gather the top of the twigs lest sprawling ones loop around the hip, leaving ugly marks. This birch is very adaptable and can therefore be administered in all kinds of spankings. Bare in mind though that the birch stings a lot more in the bottom than one can be led to believe by its modest blush and the soft swishing sound. Both the judicial birch and the green-twig birch are very ritual. First they shall be cut, then bound together and handed over for inspection. When the girl receives or hands the birch over she shall curtsey beautifully and humbly. Once the birch has been administered it shall be kissed and returned with another curtsey.


It becomes very psychologically intense when the gentleman unbuckles his belt, pulls it through the loops of his trousers and folds it with a crack. Alternatively, a very meek girl may be allowed to do it for him. The belt is used during severe punishments, as motivation or reprimand.

Judicial Birch (birch rod)

This birch is approximately 80 cm long, tied in about three or four places so that the brush is about 30 cm. An old fashioned, stinging instrument used during punishments spankings and motivations. Easier to use as it does not feel as clinical as the cain. To emphasize the impact of this instrument, one can place it in water with a lot of salt added. It then splashes a lot and stings even more. Watch out for salty stains on sensitive surfaces and clothing.

Heavy cane

The hardest for Sir T to administer and for Ehlane to receive. Since the heavy cane is solely used during punishment spankings it is associated with strong feelings of shame for Ehlane. As it moreover leaves large, ugly bruises on the posterior and makes Ehlane cry only after a few strokes, it is hard for Sir T to use. Why do we use it then? Because sometimes the girl has been so naughty that the bad things must be taken out of her thoroughly in order for her to be able to start anew as a well-behaved girl.

These are the most common instrument we use. The alternatives are numerous and the only limitations are your imagination and common sense.