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Alternative punishments

Loving discipline does not only have to be about spanking the bottom. There are many other ways of disciplining your girl. Below we list some of them.

The corner

Most people agree that corner time is very effective. We have found it most effective before the punishment so that Ehlane can focus on and be ashamed before the punishment spanking. At first, Ehlane found it very difficult to stand in the corner, growing restless and uncomfortable. Nowadays, she sees it as a way to accept her actions and their consequences. Every day, Ehlane spends a moment doing meditative exercises that she can use when standing in the corner. Sometimes her shame grows so strong that she weeps just standing there. After that, a very centred girl places herself over her gentleman's knee.

Writing lines

In the beginning, when Ehlane was learning not to use foul language, the punishment for being careless with this was to fetch and bind a birch, then write 50 or 100 lines on having been a naughty girl using foul language that would have her mouth washed with soap and her bottom birched. After that, Ehlane had to stand in the corner as Sir T read and corrected her lines. To sit still and write lines is as tangible as the corner when the meaning of the lines starts to sink in, merging with the fear of writing errors and the aching hand. To consequently stand in the corner awaiting the judgement is hard but who has said that it should be easy? The lines are written by hand with a pen. When making a writing error, white-out is not allowed - the error should be scored out. Every error is punished with one smack from the ruler on the palm. When the lines are corrected it is time for the birch. Needless to say, Ehlane does not use foul language nowadays.

Washing mouth with soap

Ehlane must not under any circumstances use foul language. Should she do that she is punished with a spanking, usually with the birch, but before that she is lead by the ear into the bathroom where she must stand on her knees. Sir T then takes out his shaving brush and soap from Crabtree & Evelyne and produces a creamy foam. Ehlane is then told to open her mouth whilst Sir T washes her mouth with the shaving brush. It tastes foul, just as foul language shall. The taste lingers as a reminder during the spanking.


The punishment is administered as a large enough piece of ginger is peeled and placed in the girl's anus. About 2 x 6 cm long with a thicker base to stay in place. Preferably inserted with the girl over the knee. This punishment is extremely embarrassing, humiliating and painful. Ehlane has brought ginger upon herself once and will do everything in her power to make sure it will not be necessary again.

Of course, these alternative punishments can be combined with spanking the bottom. One can also increase the impact of the punishments by putting the birch in salty water, or soaking the bottom. According to Ehlane this increases the sting without making it unbearable. The psychological impact of having earned oneself an extra severe punishment should not be underestimated.

Especially before and during a punishment spanking, it is very efficient to take the girl by the ear. It makes her feel very small and naughty. Pinching the ear can also serve as a warning when the girl is about to go too far or as a sign of tenderness when cuddling.

During the actual spanking, punishment or reprimand in particular, one can increase their impact by having the girl count each stroke, thank you for it and ask for the next one. Should the girl make a counting mistake or forget to thank you, the punishment should start all over again, causing a lot of tears, in Ehlane's opinion.