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Birthday Birch

Today is my birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to fetch twigs from our own yard, sitting in the sun binding them together to a birthday birch?

Now it hangs in our sauna, blue-ribboned to symbolise that I’ve won first price in living with the Gentleman of my dreams for a third of my life. Perhaps I will receive my favourite kind of spanking tonight – senous, slow and rather gentle, feeling the slight sting heat my skin and the poweful scent of nature. Perhaps it is well-deserved, but that is not for me to decide.

Have a great weekend.

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Another kind of Easter

On the wire like a ragged old scarecrow, bloody hands and broken back, when they fire see him pirouette solo, jump in time to the rat a tat.

Happy belated Easter, dear reader. Hope you had a great one. As I have told you before, Easter in a great time for spankos in Sweden, since you can walk around with birches without feeling any embarrassment at all. I actually saw a man carrying one in a bag saying the Teachers’ union association! That made me giggle a bit.

Unfortunately my discipline this weekend included no birchings and no spankings, even though we lived in a cottage where the previous guest had left his uniform hat and shirt and there were plenty of birches outside. Imagine the pictures we could have taken, combining the two!

The reason we didn’t was sheer exhaustion. We have worked so hard on the boat. I have burned myself, gotten my hands all blistered and my back screaming from sore muscles rather than crying from a sore bottom. I love working hard though and the peace that comes from it is quite similar to that after a sound birching.

As I struggled with my work, my mind wandered back in time as to when Sir T and I shared our birching tradition with dear friends at their place in the countryside. First, I went with the fine gentleman, picking mushrooms and then branches of birch, that I showed him how to bind as he told me about his first spankings. Then, the lady of the house honored the occasion by putting on a very classy suit and she and Sir T sat down on a blanked outside, with me over their knees and Sir T showed her how a birching is done. I had my face in the gentleman’s lap with him stroking my hair as I cried freely. It is the best spanking experience I have shared with someone else than Sir T.

I also though about last year’s wonderful Good Friday that I posted an exposé about in this blog.

Then, I received a picture from the above mentioned gentleman, showing me that he had taken my teachings seriously. That warmed my heart.

After all the hard work in the fresh air and the birch on my mind, I feel ready for another challenging week.

Have a great time.


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Stripes on her thighs

Springtime in the city, always such relief from the winter freeze.

If you’re thinking about paying your first visit to Sweden, I’d say now is almost the time. Give it a couple of weeks more, until the trees have turned green, the wood anemones bloom and the sun’s a bit warmer. That’s when Swedes go through a massive metamorphosis from grumpy, idle, huddling moles to shiny happy people. Should your wish to cut a Swedish birch, you might have some trouble with the leaves that can be hard and sticky, but then again it smells wonderfully. Just give me a ring and I’ll show you how to remove those leaves without damaging your nails ;)

Another thing about spring time in Sweden is that girls tend to throw away their trousers (sadly, few wear skirts for various reasons I guess) and happily put on their mini skirts. The shorter the skirt the better it seems. Sir T and I have made up a little story about a very strict lady who says that if the young lady wears her skirt too short, one should be able to see the stripes from the lady’s cane on her thighs. So whenever we see a girl with too short a skirt we smile at each other, saying that I do not see any stripes, do you?

That’s why this picture made me giggle a bit.

It also makes me think of a teacher I had in upper secondary school. She was very strict, British and taught geography – my worst subject – and everybody was a bit afraid of her. Even though corporal punishment is not allowed in Swedish schools, she was not afraid to make statements that one student “needed a smacking more often” and so forth. To me, a natural born spanko, this was of course a sweet melody. It was spring and I was wearing a skirt that at least reached “proper” above, when she walked up from behind, saying in her dry voice: “Showing or legs today, are we?” I blushed and stammered a “Yes, mrs H.” “How very brrrave” she remarked sarcastically and proceeded to her class, no doubt making them feel just as awkward as I did. I liked her no nonsense manner though, and still think about her from time to time. I wonder what she would have said if I had looked like the girl below ;)

Have a great week.

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Our Good Friday or An exposé of the birch

And my heart is sick of being in chains…

I remember when I attended a Good Friday mass during my confirmation. It was like attending a funeral, people dressed in black, wailing and crying. Being older and having lost most of my faith, I’ve had the best Good Friday ever and wish to share it with you, dear reader. Hopefully it will make your Good Friday a tad more merry.

After having gone to the gym, it was time for a long, relaxing bath and for dressing up for my spanking.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s over the knee we go…

..warming up with a good, old handspanking.

Time for the birch…

and how it stings.

I mustn’t kick though, good girls lay still, baring in mind that these are mere love pats compared to the suffering of Christ ;-)

On your knees, dear!

I love the feeling of having ridden it out.

Blushing cheeks…

Thank you, Sir, for my well-deserved birching.

And my well-deserved kiss <3

Have a lovely Easter!

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Who I am

And I don’t want the world to see me, ’cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken I just want you to know who I am.

With Easter starting tomorrow, I was going to write another post about the birch. Since in Sweden this time a year, I see people walking around with them everywhere, constantly tickling my poor depraved mind. Unfortunately though, most ignorant fools put them in water and decorate them with colourful feathers, eggs and other silly things, instead of using the birch the way it was made to be used – on a bare bottom in need.

Furthermore, I was going to write about witches – fascinating, beautiful creatures that according to Swedish folklore flew to the Devil’s ballroom, known as Blåkulla on the Thursday before Easter. Therefore, Swedish children walk around that day, dressed as witches complete with brooms, coffee-pots and home made Easter cards, asking for candy. Almost like the trick-or treat tradition. I’m not going to Blåkulla this year though. I haven’t since I met Sir T. Now I’m more of a disciplined witch. A wicca perhaps :D

In any event, a thought came over my during today’s yoga session, that I wanted to share with you, dear reader.

It was about my inner being. You see, I’ve been reading the trilogy about His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. It started with the Golden compass that became a massive Hollywood production a couple of years ago. The film inclined that there might be spanking sequences in the books, which is why, of course, that I had to read them to find out. There’s talk about spankings and a stern tone from the adults, but no actual, juicy descriptions. In spite of this slight disappointment, the books are really good. The language is wonderful and has helped improve my English vocabulary, which hopefully shows :D And there’s a lot of religion and philosophy in it, worth looking into.

Pullman describes the soul, your daemon, as an animal that is your constant companion, mirroring your personality. I already know what my daemon would be. A wolf.

The thought that struck me though, was the importance of sorting out who I am. As I grow more and more successful I have discovered that people tend to project all kinds of characteristics on me that I do not actually have, which hurts. More that a severe birching, in fact. But today I realised that as long as I know who I am and what I stand for, this will no longer affect me. Same thing with people expecting and hoping for things from me. If they comply with my core, then naturally they can have them, but the decision is mine, and mine alone. This may seem obvious to you, but to me it was a great realisation.

As seen above, I have also rediscovered an artist I loved in my late teens. Luis Royo. Today, I feel that some of his work is too Goth and emo for my taste, yet some of them still have a strong, arousing effect on me. I’ll share them below. Do you find the same spanking undertones that I see, or is my depraved mind playing tricks on me again?

Have a lovely Easter, and if you want to join me in spirit, make a birch tomorrow and ask the love of your life to make proper use of it.

Health and the willow switch

It’s a sweet, sweet dream, sometimes I’m almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle, and sometimes I’m deep in despair.

Work is kind of hectic right now. As I struggle to do everything right people around me grow sick with everything from a regular flu to rheumatics. Of course one cannot help catching serious illnesses, but I can’t help thinking you can prevent many cases of illness by taking care of your diet, exercise and state of mind. Knock on wood, but I haven’t been ill for many years and I believe it has at least something to do with the great amount of discipline in my life. As a submissive, I have to take care of myself as otherwise, I cannot possibly obey Sir T or do my best to please him. Moreover, since we have a firm model for making mistakes and learning from them, the stress and fear many people feel about making mistakes no longer exist for me.

Therefore, when work grows hectic, I look at the willow switches and birch I got for Sir T:s birthday and smile. The switch in particular was a lovely new acquaintance – pretty, quiet with just enough sting to turn my bottom all red and cosy. This time a year you see many people walking around with birch twigs and willow switches and I’d like to advice them to use them for a little posterior tanning before putting them in water. That would probably improve the health of the Swedish population significantly :D

Have a great weekend.

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Something about tears

      It takes some fears to make you trust,
it takes those tears to make it rust,
it takes the dust to have it polished.

The role playing we did this week got me thinking. It’s been a long time since I was so soundly spanked without the shame of misbehaving to help me endure it. For the first time in ages I found myself curtseying and asking for a dozen from the tawse even after a sound birching and 72 strokes from the willow switch. I wanted more. The tawse was a bit much though and before we were halfway through, I found myself regretting my plea. But if you play you pay so there was nothing to do but to arch my back properly and take it like a good girl.

No matter if it’s for play or punishment, my spankings are not over until a while after my bottom has turned red and my cheeks are wet with tears. Usually during punishments, tears come easily for me. For play I can manage dry sobs rather easily, but tears are harder. Normally, the tears come when I think about how tired I am of being so authoritative and in control at work. If that doesn’t work I think about how few friends I take care of that realise that I too need to be taken care of every now and then.

During our recent role playing, none of these thoughts did the trick. So I thought about the worst thing I can imagine – Sir T leaving me.

Mind you, I would manage without Sir T. I’d probably get my drivers’ license and buy a wicked car – a Porsche if I can afford one. I’d take lessons in sailing and spend my holidays as paying crew on a good ship with a good skipper. I’d keep on mastering my work and excercise, probably growing even slimmer since there’s no fun in having dinner alone. But the joy of great cars, sailing, career and looks would be dim without Sir T to share them with.

So I thought about a life without Sir T and bawled my eyes out.

Even after this endeavour, I wanted more. I needed to feel completely subdued and calm, which I did after a dose of the tawse.

Both Sir T and I enjoyed this role playing and I believe we have rediscovered a way to polish the already glimmering silver lining of our wonderful life together. To be continued, I believe ;)

Have a great weekend.

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An evening of possibilities

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.

On Sir T:s birthday I wanted to give him something special, so I made him an evening of possibilities. I met him in the hallway, dressed up as a school girl, just in case he felt like role playing. I served him a delicious prawn sandwich with champagne and a chocolate-passion fruit cake for dessert. His present was a bottle of vintage rum and I had bough a bouquet made of birch, willow twigs and three red roses that could easily be transformed into at least two spanking implements.

As it turned out, Sir T was in a playful mood and I ended up being a naughty school girl sent to the headmaster for the third time in a week. I was soundly birched, then switched with a willow twig. I enjoyed it so much that I had to ask for a dozen from the tawse as well just to make sure I’d be a good little school girl from now on.

The tawse was made with love by Sir T for me last Christmas and the birch and twig I made from love today. I feel that the more love you put into the implement by making it, the more magic it creates when connecting with your posterior during the spanking and your grateful lips when kissing it afterwards.

All in all Sir T seems pleased with his birthday and I’m looking forward to celebrating many more of those.

One advantage with spankers’ birthdays is that I as a spankee get all the birthday spankings ;)

Have a great week.

Wellness from the birch

You fill up my senses, like a night in a forest, like the mountains in springtime, like a walk in the rain.

Another great week is coming to an end. Work is piling up but I got so many happy thoughts that I can manage. My string briefs for example.

My favourite blog, A Voice in the Corner has a new post with a lovely picture including the birch. And it’s the kind of short, old fashioned birch I prefer too. Normally, it describes the use of birch rods as in this otherwise brilliant story. The reason why I don’t have the same passion for birch rods as for the other kind of birch is that birch rods are so much sterner. I have only had a dose of them a couple of times when I have misbehaved badly and they are therefore intimately connected with feelings of guilt and shame for me. Then again so was the cane, before I got it on my string briefs last weekend. So perhaps we should have a playful go at it again now that I am so much more well-behaved ;)

Speaking of birches, I found this wonderful section in a Swedish health magazine I read. The headline is – directly translated – “Birch – more useful than you think!” I couldn’t agree more. And the text underneath: “To whip your skin with a wet birch stimulates the blood circulation and smells amazing!” I highly suspect that this was written by a giggling Swedish spanko, but of course I cannot prove it. In any event I have never managed to smell my bottom after a birching. Perhaps I could ask Sir T to do it for me, but then again that would be risking another taste of birch rods in a most uncozy manner. I think I’ll just settle for trying to sniff the air the next time it is applied on my posterior :D

Have a lovely weekend.

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String brief, art and the cane

Ars longa vita brevis.

2013 is going well so far. Yesterday, I bought my first pair of string briefs ever. I have always thought that string briefs were vulgar and that they must be uncomfortable, like a constant wedgie. In fact, the are very comfortable, and it’s quite exciting that your bottom is almost bare all the time.

For the sake of art, I asked Sir T to give me six of the best of the cane and shoot some pictures of my newly found treasure. Always a gentleman, he was – naturally – happy to oblige. It was the first time in ages I got the cane and the the sixth stroke hurt the most. It was the first time ever that I got it without the guilt and shame of misbehaving. Lots of first times today. You’ll find the result below.

I got these lovely Marie Jo string briefs on a major sale and love the string of flowers connecting the front and back triangles.

Hm, maybe my string-clad bottom would look better with cane marks…

Yeap ;)

And of course some corner time contemplating to finish off our masterpiece!

Have a lovely week.

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