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Birthday Birch

Today is my birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to fetch twigs from our own yard, sitting in the sun binding them together to a birthday birch?

Now it hangs in our sauna, blue-ribboned to symbolise that I’ve won first price in living with the Gentleman of my dreams for a third of my life. Perhaps I will receive my favourite kind of spanking tonight – senous, slow and rather gentle, feeling the slight sting heat my skin and the poweful scent of nature. Perhaps it is well-deserved, but that is not for me to decide.

Have a great weekend.

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Tawse, not belt!

As Sir T read my latest post he pointed out that the six strokes I got could not have been that memorable since it was the tawse that smacked my bottom, not his belt.

No matter the name, the sting is the same, I say :)

Have a good week.


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6 km too fast

To drive 6 km too fast in Sweden costs 1500 SEK. And now I’m in the criminal record. It also costs six good strokes from Sir T:s belt.

I feel really sheepish, but I guess all I can do is pay up, grab my ankles and learn from the experience.

Today I got birched as well. Not because of the speeding, but rather just because. It’s pretty amazing fetching birch from your own yard and being birched gazing through the window out over the sea.

I live. I learn. I love.

Have a great week and a really happy Easter.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As always, December has been a rather hectic time a year.

The good news is, that Sir T and I have found a way to have more spanking in our life together. It was in 2012 we decided not to have disciplinary spankings in our relationship. Since I associated spankings with severe punishments, I have not been able to enjoy them since.

Looking back, I probably was too young and uncertain about my value to engage in a 24/7 relationship. I had a constant fear of being bad, feeling that each punishment showed my uselessness as a partner. To me, I never took the punishments well enough and I found it hard forgiving myself afterwards for messing up, leaving me with self-despite and grief. Moreover, I didn’t tell Sir T what was going on, I just became frustrated, earning me more punishments, leving me more miserable, thus completing the bad circle. In that way, I used the discipline given to hurt myself, which is just crazy.

As I have grown confident and more mature, I feel ready to start over and explore my spanking interest once more. Sir T has wanted it all along and is thrilled to be on this journey with me.

We have started role playing and I was soundly spanked as a slutty colleague. It was difficult not being able to maintain self control during the spanking without feeling guilt, and not being expected to take the spanking perfectly. I ended up crying in Sir T:s arms and it felt good. There was no self despite, no frustration, just a sense of calm gratitude.

We went to a BDSM party and when a woman stole Sir T’s chair, I offered him mine, asking to be placed in the corner instead. Since I grow tired from too noicy parties, this was a great way for me to rest for a while, my bottom on display of course. Then I hung over Sir T’s knee for a spanking before being put on the cross and spanked a bit more. The problem with parties is that Sir T can neither hear me, nor I him. We have to sense each other wich can be tricky. I enjoyed it a lot anyway.

I have already given Sir T his Christmas present, since I didn’t want my family to see it. It’s a paddle strop for razor knives.

Since I know an engraver that knows about our interest, I had him engrave one side with “To my perfect gentleman” and the other, as seen below, with “Sharpen me softly”.

Sir T was delighted and found good use of the leather pouch that it came in as well.

I’m looking forward to exploring the world of spankings further in 2016.

In the meantime, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.



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Better Late than Never – Reviewing 50 Shades the movie

We finally decided to watch the 50 Shades of Grey movie. As you might remember from my book review, I was not that impressed by the story.

In this case, however, one should not judge the movie by its book. To start with, the story grew more intense without the juvenile language and constant repetition of molten grey eyes and lip biting. Both actors did great jobs interpreting Ana and Christian as adults. Also, I enjoyed the shameless, no nonsense manner of Christian, which is not that evident in the book.

The three spanking scenes were pretty meek and Sir T disliked that she was not placed over his knee properly. In the final spanking Ana is supposed to have the worst Christian might deliver, which is 6 strokes from the belt that she must count. She first asks for it then tells him never to touch him again, leaving him with even more self loathing than before.

To start with, this is not my idea of maximum bad. Then again, spanking is but a small part of the BDSM life Christian offers Ana and I suppose, the impact does not have to be as great as when spanking is all you’re into. Then it’s this lack of responsibility and will power for Anas part in the relationship. “Ooh, this sounds exciting… and nooo, I can’t do this you’re a monster…this sounds exciting…” and so fort until you’re bored to tears and just want to scream in her face to walk away and stop whining.

Still, the movie is worth watching since Christians is shown as very attractive and far from the dysfunctional dominants Mr Grey in the Sectretary and John in 9 1/2 weeks.

In spite of the ever returning “should I stay or should I go” theme, I guess I’ll be watching the sequels as well, preferably over Sir T:s knee ;-)


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A Lush Life

I went to shop at my favourite store the other day, a face mask. SirT however, found better use of it ;-)

Have a great week.

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Birch and roses

On my favourite blog, A voice in the Corner, it’s Vintage Sunday and there was this lovely image:

I found that a great coincidence since I was about to write about birch and roses today :D



In Sweden, there’s a saying when one is to both criticise and praise something that one gives birch and roses. It’s quite common in magazines receiving letters from the public. I suppose it’s because the birch is strongly associated with punishment, since many of our ancestors were sent to fetch birches for their bottoms. In our modern age of equality and political correctness, many magazines have however replaced the word birch with thistle. Personally, I’d take the birch rather than a bunch of thistles any day, but I suppose few associate them with spankings.

We don’t give or get that many birchings any more. Only a few spankos persist. Swedish men don’t give their women roses either, for the fear of being accused of having done something wrong, using the roses as a cover-up. To me, this dispositional behaviour could easily be remedied if any wife accusing her husband when he brings roses should receive a sound birching instead. Maybe I should write to our magazines about that…

When Sir T brings me roses, I fondly trim them and place them in a beautiful vase feeling happy and grateful for having earned his love and care.

When I bring Sir T a birch, fetched from our own yard, he fondly uses it to trim me, feeling happy and grateful for my love and obedience.

And so we lead our life of birch and roses.




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Since October in Swedish is spelled with a K instead of a C, I have a hard time not mixing the letters. Freud would probably have a lot to say about that.

Although I am no longer punished with spankings, I still curtsey for Sir T. Quite often. I still wear the clothes and lingerie that makes him smile and my bottom is smacked and patted every day.

One of these days I have to make a new birch for another sauna session. Not just because I know Sir T wants it but because it’s a very intimate thing to do for a husband and wife. I just have to get myself in the right mood so that I do it as a loved wife rather than a naughty wench in need of correction.

Like Madonna, I’d like to be spanked because I’m loved, not because I’m bad ;-)

Have a great fall.


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Slave in spirit

It hurt. She hurt. Yet she kept running. Had to push it to the limit. Had to beat yesterday’s record. Then an image came to her vividly.

Her workout was like a caning. Harsh. Severe. No mercy. Never good enough. One can always be more quiet, stand more still, arching one’s back a little further, straightening the knees a bit more.

Wasn’t work like that too? Always had to beat deadlines, always had to work faster, try harder.

Se stopped dead in her tracks, causing annoyed beeps from Runkeeper.

What if her workouts, work, life in general could be more like a soft, caring, over the knee spanking? A little something to keep her motivated that warmed her bottom as well as her heart. That made her feel loved and cared for.

She started running again and Runkeeper was pleased. Yet her pace was softer, slower. “I’m doing wonderfully” she told her self.

She didn’t hurt so much any more.

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Subtle need

“I need to stretch my hamstrings” she said, turning her back to him, thrusting her sweet bottom towards him. She then leaned forward, wiggling a bit to entice him even more.

He couldn’t resist of course and would make her pay for his weakness in character.

“That’s not all you need, sweets” he growled, hauling her across his knee, to her small cries of delight.

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